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ISRA VISION Powerplate Inspect Automotive system

Isra Vision’s Powerplate Inspect Automotive system is specifically tailored for the inspection of automotive glass, it reliably detects and classifies all glass defects.

Inline inspection of automotive glass achieves long-term cost benefits and saves resources guaranteeing maximum quality in windshields. The raw material for automotive glass is relatively low priced, costs rise when defective raw glass panes are processed during bending, printing and other steps. Using an innovative lighting concept, a system specifically tailored for the inspection of automotive glass reliably detects and classifies all glass defects and recognizes even the tiniest material defects.

Inspection after cutting and grinding helps suppliers of vehicle glass and particularly windshields attain optimum quality. The POWERPLATE Inspect Automotive system from ISRA VISION is designed specifically for the high-quality requirements in automotive manufacturing and can be used for various glass colours and types as well as all common glass forms. Moreover, because the system detects the form of the window to be inspected automatically, there is no need set up the system.

A combination of the cross and off-axis dark field methods enables lighting from all sides and thus the detection of scratches and defects at the edges allowing POWERPLATE Inspect Automotive to capture even the tiniest defects. The system has numerous camera modules in order to inspect the entire surface of a glass pane. Their high depth of focus gives camera-based systems a great advantage over CIS technologies. This enables the reliable detection of surface defects on the top and bottom of the pane while at the same time checking it for inclusions.

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