ISRA VISION: Driving transformation with visual intelligence

How the most performant inspection system on the market supports glass processing digitalization

Based on the new “Driving transformation with visual intelligence” strategy, ISRA SURFACE VISION is going to showcase the latest innovations at the world’s leading event for the glass industry, Glasstec (September 20 to 23 2022, Hall 15, Stand C41).

“Float glass is enormously important as a base material for countless glass products,” said Bertrand Mercier, Business Unit Manager Glass at ISRA VISION. “The demand for higher quality steadily increases in sectors, such as architecture, electronics or displays, solar and the automotive industry. This has resulted in heightened demand on the one hand and continuously increasing quality requirements on the other hand.”

ISRA’s innovative inspection systems help to achieve the highest possible yield while reducing the carbon footprint at the same time. As such, the outstanding performance allows the best possible optimization between energy consumption and delivered product quality for value-added applications.

However, quality issues often also occur after lamination or coating, as well as during cutting and grinding. To ensure that only flawless material reaches the downstream production, ISRA’s P2 product family helps to detect problems in glass processes early on to increase production yield permanently. The same applies in the architectural glass sector, for instance, to confirm that coatings comply with a given standard.

In addition, the Glasstec showcase will also include solutions for the ever-demanding solar glass production, as virtually invisible material defects in the glass for photovoltaic modules can compromise their stability. The solar market has started to fluctuate across the world; manufacturing costs and solutions that cushion the drop in prices for solar modules are gaining in importance.

One way to reduce in-house costs is to expand automation and production insights. EPROMI live is a production management intelligence solution that enables comprehensive monitoring of ongoing processes on the hot and cold end of the float process.

Whether it’s float glass, solar glass, glass processing, or production analytics, ISRA’s presence at Glasstec 2022 will allow visitors to deep-dive into the latest technological advancements for innovative new solutions and an even more comprehensive quality inspection that offers 100 percent reliable quality inspection along the entire production chain.

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