Isoclima chooses Gefran to manage its production facilities

Isoclima – a world leader in the design and production of high-performance customised glass solutions – entrusts Gefran with the control and thermoregulation of its flat glass processing plants. A collaboration arising from the supply of components and consolidated over time thanks to Gefran Soluzioni’s experience and know-how in the design and construction of automation systems, electrical panels and customised software, both for new systems and retrofits.
Founded in 1977, Isoclima represents excellence in the development of technologically advanced transparent windows, combining style and design with high ballistic resistance thanks to the winning combination of glass and polycarbonate or other acrylic products. It has different fields of application: from the automotive sector, with products intended for supercars and military vehicles, to railway, naval and aerospace sectors, as well as construction.

The search for perfection and meticulous attention to detail are the basis of a design philosophy that translates into the Company’s ability to create customised solutions certified by third parties in terms of mechanical and ballistic performance, sun protection and energy control.

“The bullet-proof glass industry requires compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. A requirement that is also reflected in our choice of suppliers,” said Luigi Rosina, Isoclima’s Purchasing Manager. “Here, Gefran has proved to be the ideal partner: in addition to the excellent products available for power control, the Soluzioni division was able to translate our needs, with high precision and professionalism, into software.”
Among the main challenges Gefran Soluzioni has overcome are the creation of electrical diagrams and the automation language for the retrofit of 4 autoclaves and the revamping of a 21-module oven. In addition to the achieved goal of user-friendly systems, using the same components and interface for ovens and autoclaves provides a double advantage.

On the one hand, the interchangeability of operators including a simplification in terms of staff training and on the other, there is greater flexibility in production planning since identical results can be obtained from ovens of different sizes without changing the “recipe”. Optimising existing spare parts is another important aspect, providing positive results at the maintenance level too.

Isoclima has also chosen Gefran equipment for its largest bending oven for sheets of up to 10 meters. The management of the heat treatment process is entrusted to the GPC range, the new generation of power controllers, with an increasing number of performing functions from the perspective of Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance. The series, available with current range from 40A to 600A, can interact with the most recent communication protocols and is distinguished by its size, being the most compact on the market.

Furthermore, these power controllers will be used in the world’s largest chemical hardening plant, for 10m sheets, currently under construction. Finally, the GRS-H single-phase solid-state relays for controlling electrical resistances are also particularly appreciated for various ovens. The range integrates diagnostic features and overheating or interrupted load alarm output: available for all models, from 15A to 120A, to guarantee maximum production efficiency.

“Isoclima and Gefran share an approach based on the value of the Made in Italy mark, as well as on the efficiency in responding to customer requests,” continued Luigi Rosina. “We greatly appreciated Gefran Soluzioni’s ability to create systems based on our specifications, respecting the agreed deadlines. In addition, being able to count on a manufacturer and technical commercial figures with whom we immediately struck a rapport is of infinite added value for us.”

“We are very satisfied with the perfect harmony established between our industries,” commented Renzo Privitera, Sales Director for Italy for Gefran’s Sensors and Components. “Isoclima’s in-depth knowledge of the processes and construction of the ovens themselves was essential to correctly interpret its needs in developing the most suitable solutions for increased plant performance.

“”This is a real plus, thanks to which the customer/supplier relationship has evolved into a real long-term partnership.”

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