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IRIS Inspection machines: evolving improvements

IRIS Inspection machines will officially unveil a series of important hardware and software developments at glasstec 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. for its Evolution series of non-contact glass container inspection machines

The latest examples of IRIS’ commitment to help customers in their quest for improved production efficiency, these improvements are retrofittable on all generations of Evolution inspection machines and are fitted as standard on the latest models. They have been successfully tested at glass container manufacturing plants in France and Switzerland for almost 12 months.
Sustainability represents a key priority at IRIS, where the Evolution concept satisfies the need for constant improvement, in preference to revolutionary changes. To date, almost 1000 Evolution inspection machines have been installed at more than 100 glass plants throughout the world.
A 30% larger high definition screen (21.5in) provides quicker accessibility to different screens, less switching between screens, the instant display of parameters, faster adjustment, quicker optimization and easier fine tuning. The screen permits the full display of high resolution images taken by high resolution cameras, with no need for zoom, the genuine vision of containers and faults, better detection of small faults and an improved understanding of machine behavior.
The high resolution cameras are 400% more powerful, providing sharper and more accurate images, as well as improved discrimination between different types of defects (eg small stones and blisters), better definition of container shapes and excellent dark glass inspection capabilities. They also feature higher dynamics in terms of noise interference, thereby improving the quality of image provided.
Within its newly designed processing unit, IRIS has reduced maintenance costs via the innovative design and assembly employed. There are fewer components in the PC itself and direct access to the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is provided on the front panel. Improved cooling is another important feature. Essentially, the new processing unit is ready to accept future innovations and the specific requirements of customers.
The company’s latest software enhancements allow for the automation of settings, bringing its technology towards the development of ‘intelligent’ machines, with self-learning and fault classification features. Three-dimensional inspection in real time is now possible for the identification/recognition of engravings and 3D geometrical inspection, in addition to which enhanced precision is provided in the context of quality, while increased productivity can be realised by reducing the quantity of false rejections.

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