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Introducing UBLO, the circular ventilation window

Ublo is a new and customizable ventilation window system composed of a circular lid and perforated glass. Today, ventilation and indoor air quality are more essential than ever and the Ublo window system offers a smart natural solution, especially for high-rise environments with airtight envelopes that have limited outdoor access due to extreme climates.

UBLO 3.0 Launch poster, with an example of the customized covers for UBLO 3.0

The title UBLO derives from the word hublot, or the round window of ships and airplanes. The idea of this circular ventilation window was initiated in 2017 by Dutch architect and co-founder of VS-A façade engineering group Robert-Jan van SANTEN. This round window is installed into glass, different from the existing window market where frames become thicker as performance develops. The larger the glass in which UBLO windows are installed, the more efficient the cost and ventilation are in comparison to existing windows.

Glasses have significantly increased their thermal performance, while frames have increased their thermal performance only very slightly. Framing technologies are complicated and expensive.
If UBLO with high-performance insulation (Aerogel of 0.012 W/mK) is installed on the double IGU with the warm edge spacer with the regular aluminium fixed frame, the U-value of a window is 1.479 W/m2K. In countries with extreme climates, thermal performance is a crucial consideration. UBLO offers the correct ventilation while reducing heat loss in window frames.
The larger the glass in which UBLO windows are installed, the more efficient the cost and ventilation are in comparison to existing windows as the frame portion getting lower. The process of cutting circular holes in the glass requires currently well-established technologies like water jet cutting, laser cutting, CNC cutting or simply using a glass drill. Window frame manufacturers will no longer be necessary in this process for mounting the operable frame. This system would be suitable for geographic areas with extreme or polluted climates; and for many different building types such as residential, offices, hospitals, and hotels.

Perforated IGUs with a TPS spacer (left) and a bent warm edge spacer (right)

UBLO 3.0 opening is standardized to be the ideal size safe for human body proportions. The circular opening, or the wind passage, is designed and positioned on the glass to the users’ tastes. UBLO covers can become customized objects floating on the glass window to suit the interior atmosphere. In this series, UBLO Cover types that are available include Wind (Transparent), Tree (Timber), Earth (Planter), and Sound (Speaker).
Multiple variations of UBLO 3.0 series are installed in the UBLO office & showroom in Seoul, Korea. The link for the UBLO augmented reality service can be accessed by means of the QR code on this page. Those who want to virtually install UBLOs in the glass could download an AR app and use the service.

UBLO augmented reality can be accessed by means of the QR code

The circular lid that closes the perforation of the glass from inside the building.
Using height differences to induce buoyancy ventilation, UBLO small openings effectively improve indoor air quality. Regular breezes from natural ventilation is essential in reducing viruses and indoor contamination.
The small size of each UBLO opening ensures safety from potential falling hazards, especially in high-rise buildings.
There is no bisecting frame blocking the full view as other operating windows do. UBLO can ensure a panoramic view while still allowing fresh breezes.
Cleaning the glass of high-rise buildings is difficult, but UBLO glass can be cleaned easily and safely by attaching a magnetic cleaning tool to the glass through the floating opening of the fixed UBLO.
Ublo Inc. announced UBLO’s official launch in November 2020. UBLO 3.0, developed by the R&D of Ublo Inc. and VS-A Group, is now ready for purchase.

UBLOs application on a retail showroom in Incheon


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