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IGE Glass Technologies: Roboclean from Eurotech for tempering at peak efficiency

Eurotech’s Roboclean cleans, smooths and polishes tempering furnace rollers


Roboclean, a new, fully-automatic machine for cleaning and polishing rollers, developed by Eurotech Way, is a practical, safe, and guaranteed system for cleaning, polishing, and dusting fused silica rollers for glass tempering furnaces.

Clean rollers are critical to making high quality tempered glass and avoiding liability and customer dissatisfaction issues. Dirty rollers carry debris that gets fused under high temperature into glass. These fabrication defects often go undetected until a cleaning crew or homeowner uses a scraper to clean the surface.
But keeping rollers imperfection free with manual procedures is a challenge. It takes too long and can damage rollers, and it’s tempting to clean less often than you should.
Fortunately, there is now an automated, consistent and convenient method to thoroughly clean, smooth and polish tempering furnace rollers.
Italian company Eurotech Way performed extensive research on how to conveniently revive fused silica rollers with smooth, clean and long lasting polished surfaces. They used these insights to develop Roboclean.
Positioned inside the furnace at the beginning of the area to be cleaned, the machine is designed to work simultaneously on two rollers. The cleaning head is equipped with an automatic levelling and compensation system, in order to keep adjustable constant pressure over the entire surface of the rollers with any kind of tool.
Using the rotation energy of the furnace rollers without manual intervention, Roboclean automatically moves ahead on the rollers.
The PLC controls guarantee synchronized movement of the cleaning heads and disk rotation. Each roller’s entire surface is perfectly cleaned, polished and comes out practically better than new.
Roboclean reduces the time to clean rollers while increasing the quality of the glass. It does not remove any part of the expensive rollers, just what is on the surface. It is practical, safe and proven in use.
Roboclean is easy to run, requiring just a one-day break in the tempering schedule to cool, clean and restart the furnace. Moreover, the process is more thorough and consistent than manual procedures.
The PLC controls can accommodate and remember the parameters for multiple furnaces allowing to potentially service multiple furnaces.
Key notes:
  • Available for all makes and models of glass tempering furnaces
  • Works on all makes and models of Ceramic Rollers
  • Rotating tools perform cleaning on two rollers per cycle
  • Utilizing a special patented levelling system, the machine levels as it cleans utilizing constant adjustable pressure over the entire surface of the ceramic rollers
  • The machine moves automatically through the furnace after each cycle
  • Automatically cleans, filters and vacuums as it performs
  • PLC operated with easy to use touch screen
  • All electronic components at cULus stamped or compatible
  • Parts & service from IGE Glass Technologies


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