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ift Rosenheim: tests recognized in UAE

ift Rosenheim is now recognized by Dubai Civil Defence as a testing and certification body

ift Rosenheim is now listed as a testing and certification body in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the Civil Defence.

Fire and smoke control are important requirements for buildings all over the world, especially larger residential buildings and public buildings, sports facilities or production facilities. Manufacturers must provide the required legal evidence for the corresponding components, not only in Germany but also worldwide.
In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ift Rosenheim is now recognized by Dubai Civil Defence as a testing and certification body. The test evidences and certifications required for this market can now be provided quickly and easily in Rosenheim.
Structural fire protection an important component to protect buildings and human lives against fire and smoke. The European market has already grown closer together due to the CE marking according to EN 16034.
Now, ift Rosenheim has taken another big step forward: The Dubai Civil Defence (a civil protection unit for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the Ministry of the Interior) has recognized ift Rosenheim as a testing and certification body. From now on, the following products can be tested and certified:
* (Natural) smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV)
* Smoke control door and shutter assemblies: external pedestrian doorsets, windows, gates, curtain walling
* Smoke and heat control systems
* Building hardware: Hardware and accessories, locks, hinges, door and window handles, attachment devices
These can be tested:
* Construction products with resistance to fire and smoke control: Doors and gates, openable windows and building hardware, walls, curtain walling, building materials and structures, door assemblies, (fire safety) glazings
* Building materials – non-flammable or normal flammability
In Rosenheim, the necessary test evidences can be obtained on basis of EN and UL standards, which then serve as basis for the approval document “Confirmation of Compliance” (CoC) required in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ift Rosenheim and UL can carry out possible required comparative tests as well as the periodic surveillances of the manufacturing companies delivering their product to the United Arab Emirates, which is also required by Civil Defence.
The cooperation between UL and ift Rosenheim gives manufacturers and licensers the opportunity to have their products for the booming Arab market and Europe tested and certified at one location. The focus of the ift Centre for Fire Testing is on competence, reliability and speed with modern test technology and intelligent logistics.

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