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HORN: Wiegand-Glas in Schleusingen puts furnace 2 into operation

With a history of over 450 years and plenty of experience in development and production, Wiegand-Glas has become one of the most successful container glass manufacturers in Europe

Wiegand-Glas, a family-run business group, is committed to innovative packaging concepts made of glass and PET.

In October 2020, HORN was commissioned with the construction of furnace 2 in the new glass plant in Schleusingen, Thuringia, Germany. The new end fired furnace, which produces container glass in the colours amber and green, was finally successfully commissioned at the end of the first quarter of 2022 despite the postponement of the production start at the end of 2021. Exploding prices for energy and raw materials were the main drivers for this.

The project included the complete refractory and steel planning as well as its delivery, the combustion system, tank and throat cooling, measuring and control equipment; the boosting system, reversing system, stirring system, HORN drainage system VARI-DRAIN® as well as the installation of the batch charging machine HVR® 700 S-2P.

In March 2022, the time had come: the furnace was heated up by HORN and successfully put into operation. On 21 March Wiegand-Glas and HORN celebrated the first glass produced.

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