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Horn completes furnace for Turkish glassmaker

Horn has completed the installation of a furnace at Turkish container glass company Gürallar Cam Ambalaj. The installation work was accompanied by Horn’s supervising team for trouble-free commissioning of the plant.

German group Horn has completed a 300t/d furnace installation at Turkish container glass company Gürallar Cam Ambalaj.
Horn signed a contract in April 2014 for the delivery of a complete 300t/day regenerative end-fired furnace with three forehearths.
The furnace is heated with three burners per port by means of natural gas and/or heavy fuel oil as standby.
Due to the special batch composition, the melting end was equipped with barrier boosting and additional bottom electrode bricks for the later retrofit of melting boosting.
The control and measuring system was equipped with an additional oxygen-measuring device, which is integrated into the new control system.
Gürallar followed Horn’s recommendation and changed over to frequency converters for the fans at the furnace and throat cooling system, instead of the regularly used soft-starters.
According to the calculations, the investment will pay off within a few days of first operation, since the cooling air fans operate only at the output actually required and thus in the most efficient mode.
Apart from the economic aspect, it is also environmentally friendly because the noise was also reduced.
Horn’s latest forehearth system type GCS 301 with direct/indirect cooling was used for all three lines to obtain optimum temperature homogeneity at the spout.
In addition to the heating technology and the measuring/control technology, a forehearth booster was also supplied for each line.
The installation work was accompanied by Horn’s supervi

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