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HEGLA provides greater innovation to guarantee customer success

Custom solutions ensure simplified solutions and improved profit margins

In today’s marketplace, innovation in glass is so much more than just diversifying a product range. Now it is also about exploring new options and potential in emerging markets that can meet the needs of customers and end users as design becomes more dynamic. In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as we become more reliant on computer assisted production methods, being able to innovate is fast becoming a challenge that many glass processors are embracing.

Merging skills and computer technology is where the HEGLA and Bystronic glass brands excel with the leading companies both recognised as excellent, not just in the UK but globally.

HEGLA group CEO Bernhard Hoetger explained, “Combining the skills of associated companies and creating better and faster options that will lead the market in computerised automation, has been carefully researched and nurtured by the HEGLA group for many years. This has been demonstrated in very recent times with the creation of new companies such as HEGLA HANIC GmbH and HEGLA Boraident GmbH this year, both of which simplify and enhance production methods for all sized glass processors.”

The partnership with Bystronic glass in the UK is unique as it has a focus on making it easy for glass manufacturers to specify, tailor and install more advanced, automated systems.

Bernhard added, “Moving into the supply of complete automated solutions has always been a focus for HEGLA and it is a natural progression to work with other specialists in the field to create the perfect solution for each individual customer’s needs. As established leaders in automation technology the partnership we created in the UK allows us to take the best of both companies and provide customers with complete system solutions that can be quickly configured with bespoke CAD design.

“This provides huge time saving benefits and is highly cost efficient as once designs have been defined and agreed we can then work together to provide the right solution, without compromise. Having all the components available from a unified source also provides customers with the reassurance that the systems will work together perfectly.”

Bespoke Solutions
Since HEGLA’s launch in the UK 16 years ago there was a niche in the market where the company could excel. Expert engineers under the guidance of Steve Goble deliver systems that meet the growing demands of customers from start-up solutions to larger glass processing plants including Clayton Glass, Euroview Architectural Glass (EAG), Mid-Devon Glass, Cwmtillery Glass and Custom Glass to name a few, which have all simplified solutions and improved profit margins through investment in advanced automation.

Steve Goble said, “When we started, we seized an opportunity to bring to the market a premium brand range that had already gained exceptional recognition for the quality standards it could achieve. It went on to become a market leader by regularly setting new benchmarks for others in the industry to follow.

Beyond that, it then made perfect sense to unify the skillset of both HEGLA and Bystronic glass to create working factory models in the UK, that would demonstrate the superior class of the products and give customers the chance to lead in a fiercely competitive market. “

With the advancements in computerised automation over the last 10 years, for many UK customers it has been a long and successful journey that has enabled them to bring new products to the glass sector, providing steady growth and greater profit margins all round.

Greater Advantages
Currently, both Bernhard Hoetger and Steve Goble believe that there is now a drive by customers to invest in the right ideas that will guarantee to give a business clear advantages over its competitors as demands on processors increase regarding glass design and performance.

Steve Goble continued, “Bringing new products to market in the fastest time possible and before your competitors is a challenge that many of our customers want to take. As a company we understand that there is an urgency in the market to lead and that automation is sure to increase efficiency in future years ahead.”

Products such as efficient stock selection and cutting systems with or without automated glass sorting systems which when combined as a complete solution with the Bystronic glass insulating glass equipment will help to launch a company to new heights.

Bernhard Hoetger added, “In order to complement our group products we have taken strategic measures to only work with partners who live up to our own high standards and the requirements that our customers place on us as a provider of performance solutions.

“The quality of our partners in the UK and further afield is therefore a key aspect as we introduce more automated systems and the benefits of Industry 4.0 across the whole manufacturing process.

“As a unified team, we provide a combination of expert advice, exceptional service and in-depth product knowledge, and demonstrate this with our continuing commitment to our customers objectives.”

AI proliferation across the sector is evidence of the industry’s desire to reach consumers through expediency and ease of use.

For the HEGLA group being a driving force behind innovation, quality standards and cost control, the issue of efficiency is now not the only priority, as creativity and growth potential for customers will keep them in a future state of competitiveness. This will soon be on display for the world to see at Glasstec 2018 in Dusseldorf, Hall 14 Stand A56- A72.

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