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Hanergy launches Hanwall solar panels for skyscrapers

The new product can be retrofitted and is expected open up new markets for the company

China-based Hanergy has been diversifying its PV offering through applications like Humbrella, and now aims to open a new market segment with the Hanwall product for skyscrapers.

PR literature provided during the product launch describes Hanwall as “the world’s first integrated solar powered wall solution.”

“With the launch of this next-generation BIPV module and solution, Hanergy sets the standard for future ecological buildings and ups the ante in the BIPV segment.”

Hanwall is expected to generate 326 kilowatts daily for every 1000 square metres of the product, an innovation that can provide approximately 30 percent of the energy needs of the 86 metre OTM Mansion building in Heyuan, Guangdong, where it has been installed.

“The total surface area of the project is over 14,000 square metres, and adopted 2,506 pieces of Hanwall basic modules. It is estimated that it generates 210,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually,” said a company representative.

Hanergy claims Hanwall can withstand a grade 12 typhoon and temperatures from -40C to 85C. The new product, which was unveiled in seven cities worldwide at the end of September, is claimed to be suitable for retrofit as well as new-build office blocks, and its performance in low-light conditions could help recover energy even in areas where multiple skyscrapers are clustered together.

“By the professional design and reasonable layout, as well as Hanwall’s excellent electricity generation capability in low light, HanWall can still achieve a good performance, reducing building energy consumption and improving the quality of the building,” added the spokesman.

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