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Guardian Glass: Choosing a bird-friendly glass solution

Bird-friendly glass is designed to help prevent birds from colliding with surfaces and getting injured or killed. It can consist of fritted glass, acid-etched glass, or UV-coated glass

Look at various bird-friendly glass samples: Before choosing the bird-friendly glass that will suit your project’s aesthetic, you need to take several factors into consideration:
• the project’s environment;
• the lighting conditions;
• the view from the outside and the inside.

Follow Guardian Glass‘ step-by-step practical guide to help you select the best bird-friendly glass for your project.

Download the guide

What is this practical guide about?
This practical guide will provide you with useful advice and enable you to evaluate glass samples. It is designed to help you select a bird-friendly option that not only helps preserve avian life, but also matches your desired aesthetic.

It also includes a check-list to help you make sure that all relevant considerations are taken into account during the selection process.

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