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GTS: Glass at the Cutting Edge – Shaping our Future – the Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture 2015

Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) will be taking part at Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture 2015 with a presentation by Rob Ireson, Innovation Team Leader, on how glass has shaped the way we currently live.

Independent research and development, consultancy and testing facility, Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS), will be speaking at the forthcoming Ravenscroft Innovation Lecture 2015, taking place 18 February, highlighting the exciting innovation, research and development currently underway in the field of glass science.
Glass has already shaped every facet of our culture – including art, science, architecture, technology and even our language – yet, is a material that is often taken for granted despite a growing reliance upon its unique properties. Where would we be without glass? Simply considering a handful of step-change technologies and developments in biology, chemistry and astronomy reliant upon lenses, slides and glass apparatus; the smart-phone in your pocket, communicating over glass fibre optic infrastructure and through a glass screen; architecture and art – there are simple, clear, examples.
In his lecture, Rob Ireson, Innovation Team Leader at Glass Technology Services Ltd, will highlight how glass has shaped the way we currently live before opening the audience’s eyes to see how the potential of glass to transform the future is truly astonishing. For example, glass:

  • can repair broken bones;
  • underpins the energy generation that powers life;
  • is at the heart of communication and computing;
  • is in toothpaste and heals sensitive teeth;
  • can help hit a golf ball further;
  • adds the sparkle to lip-stick, nail polish and a whole range of paints.

Taking fundamental glass chemistry and a little blue-sky thinking, Rob will explore how glass-based technologies might transform the way we live and interact with the world as scientific capabilities and funding start to unravel the mysteries locked within.

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