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GPS launches new financing option for customers

GPS is a full-service provider with a premium product portfolio

GPS recently combined technical excellence and innovation in an attractive new financing model for IS machines and modules.

Modern machines are crucial to efficient production operations in the container glass industry. Container glass companies have a strong partner in GPS, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of IS machines and modules. GPS recently combined technical excellence and innovation in an attractive new financing model for IS machines and modules. This service allows the German specialist’s customers to have their products configured and financed in one single process. International customers, in particular, benefit from this more cost-efficient and less complex way of doing business.
GPS is a full-service provider with a premium product portfolio offering comprehensive lifecycle management for installed machines, parts and Control & Drive extending from advice and problem-solving, through planning and installation, to maintenance, upgrades and training. The new financing model has been supplementing the GPS range of product-related services with additional central and customer-centric components since August 2017. It offers all partners in the container glass industry a secure and dependable source of financing for their investments in new IS machines or machine components.
With its network of reputable banks the IS machine specialist is now a strong financing partner that is able to offer attractive financing deals to customers. One major advantage is that the GPS partner banks and leasing companies can now be involved right at the outset of the customer project – in the planning and quotation phase. GPS now provides a one-stop service including IS machine configuration, life cycle management and financing to customers who are interested in taking advantage of this all-inclusive arrangement that sets the German IS expert apart from the other market players.
“We’ve noticed over the years that financing processes can be extremely complex and protracted. The sooner the issue of financing is clarified, the sooner the customer can make its investment decision. “We’re the only company in our industry offering customers this combination of an IS machine price quote and a financing commitment,” said Christian Maehler, CFO at GPS.
All customers – both new and existing ones – have access to this attractive financing option that allows them to conserve their liquid funds or invest them in other projects. It offers a range of benefits to GPS customers, one of which is longer-term planning security as a result of the financing commitment being integrated in the quote. Also, the time-consuming process of funding applications and negotiations with banks and leasing companies is no longer necessary.
“The one-stop provider principle makes the total investment in a new GPS machine considerably lower than it is if several parties are involved,” added Maehler.
The new financing option for GPS machines is available to customers anywhere in the world.
They simply have to satisfy the criteria set out by GPS partner banks and have an appropriate credit rating.
GPS is a leading German-based developer and supplier of IS machines catering to the needs of the international container glass manufacturing industry. The full-service provider’s product portfolio includes IS machines and components, servo mechanisms, feeders and conveyors as well as control and drive systems for various applications. It also provides consultancy and training services to customers in the container glass manufacturing industry.
GPS develops customised and standard solutions for individual projects, regular customers and companies of all sizes, including financing if required.

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