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GPD: powerful boost for solar and glass technology

The 11th Glass Performance Days, to be held 12-15 June 2009, will bring together the world“s solar and glass specialists to discuss renewable energy sources and energy saving. The agenda is strongly …

The 11th Glass Performance Days, to be held 12-15 June 2009, will bring together the world“s solar and glass specialists to discuss renewable energy sources and energy saving. The agenda is strongly focused on solar technology as the fastest growing customer category of glass processors and their supply chain. GPD lecturers and participants explore the effects that the solar boom will have on glass manufacturers as well as glass processors and their supply chain during the years of exponential growth predicted for the near future on an otherwise stalemate international market. The opening speakers of GPD on 12 June form a versatile and knowledgeable team with names such as: Avi Bremiller, President & CEO, Solel; Lon Giesen, CEO, Scheuten; Winfried Hoffmann, President EPIA; Eric Peeters, Global Executive Director, Solar Business, Dow Corning Corporation; and Johannes Segner, COO, Solibro GmbH. Each of these opening speakers will give their view on the effects that the powerful some 40% annual growth of the solar technology market will have on the glass industry preparing to support and serve this development. We are happy to report the biggest GPD input so far and have scheduled around 300 professional presentations – the highest number ever, coments Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. In my view we have before us the largest and best programme in the history of the GPD. Performance is vital to good design and is at the heart of the development process. Energy and mechanical performance are an integral part of glass products themselves and technical improvements in the performance of manufacturing and processing are essential to our future success.” “We put special emphasis on what glass can do to enhance the energy-efficiency of buildings, that we know consume over 40% of all energy used. This we do in close cooperation with the developers of special new technologies such as solar and coating solutions. The team-up of solar and glass specialists builds a link between glass providers and the fastest growth factor in glass applications today – solar technology. Some of the newest key technologies, such as BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaics and thermal applications – offer tremendous potential to cut the peak loads of energy loads in buildings. The Architects module has been designed explicitly to explore these prospects. Our large offering of five parallel sessions every day, our practical workshops, our introductions of new developments, study tours and poster exhibitions combine into a powerful thrust forward for the glass industry and its customers. Many of our repeat-visitors have found that making the most of the GPD works best in teams of several colleagues. In this way multiple participation in sessions of particular interest is made possible and the opportunities for special follow-ups are maximized. We are also gratified to note the favourable response our new contact service has received.” “Scheduling meeting requests among participants is a new introduction to the GPD. It has proven to be a most successful and sought-after feature. In assessing the usefulness of the GPD in a special poll we found that participants valued the event most as a meeting place, its networking opportunities and educational content. As usual GPD will arrange a pre-conference press meeting to be held in Tampere Hall starting 12 June 2009 at 12.00. Each opening speaker will give an 8-10 minute nutshell presentation to highlight the main points of the opening address to be delivered at the same day at the Opening Ceremony. The press conference will be immediately followed by our traditional CEO-luncheon for invited guests, VIP speakers and media representatives. The Opening Ceremony will commence at 15.00 hrs and a get-together garden party will follow at 20.00 hrs in the immediate vicinity of Tampere Hall. For additional information on GPD 2009, contact: Jorma Vitkala – jorma.vitkala@glassfiles.com or go to http://www.gpd.fi.

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