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GPD China 2012 launches final programme

GPD China 2012 will have High Performance Glass in Sustainable Energy Systems as its lead theme. This year’s event will take place 31 March – 1 April 2012 in Shanghai.

The organizers of GPD China 2012 have launched the final programme for the Glass Performance Conference in Shanghai, China on 31 March – 1 April 2012. The lead theme for this gathering of professional glass specialists is High Performance Glass in Sustainable Energy Systems.
“We have chosen our focus to suit both the hottest trends in the world of glass and the current situation on the market in China, that stands out as a trendsetter for growth,” says Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of GPD.
“Glass professionals are dedicated to the development of continuously more advanced glass structures for buildings and in doing this energy-efficiency plays a key role. The contribution of glass as a structural element, as a solution for optimum day-lighting and maximum energy-efficiency is consistently growing. With the rapid advances made today, especially in the areas of solar technology and coating solutions, we at GPD have taken upon us to act as a hub for the international glass community in spreading information and providing feedback and networking opportunities for all who make use of the fantastic properties of glass.”
The structure of GPD China 2012 follows the traditions developed up to and including this 10th edition of GPD in China. Parallel sessions with a clear focus for specialists as well as connection with the China Glass Exhibition following on 2-5 April 2012 make the occasion highly attractive for visitors who wish to improve and update their knowledge and at the same time experience the solutions presented by exhibitors.
The technology sessions of GPD China 2012 are intended to highlight what advanced glass solutions can do today. Combining how things can be done with how they are actually implemented gives an intriguing connection with processing and architectural solutions and all the way to the construction site.
“Technology leads the way but technology alone cannot be an end result,” Jorma Vitkala says. “We need to take what we know into how it can be done in a technically and economically feasible way. In this respect proper processing, using advanced machinery in production and effective logistics in glass handling all the way to the construction site are extremely important contributors. When building authorities, architects and designers, processors and builders combine with the opportunities developed by researchers we can achieve the highest ambitions of functionality and energy-efficiency. It is this that makes the technology transfer and networking of the GPD-concept so unique,” Vitkala says.
Urban development is a field of continuous development and it is also linked to the priorities of developers as well as to what is made possible by advances in materials and components.
“At GPD China 2012 we are especially pleased by the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan to be presented as part of our Opening Ceremony by Wang Weiwei of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,” Jorma Vitkala states. “We also feel that the presentation by Eric Mi from Solutia covering Regulations, Codes and Actions Around the World should be of special interest for a round-up of how societies grade their guiding directions. Similar interest is attached to the Industrial Visionary Address as seen from Dow Corning, a world-leader’s perspective on what goes on in the glass industry as a whole.”
The Trend Session of the Glass Industry is concluded by an address by Jorma Vitkala, headlined 220 Expert Opinions in One. This round-up of the key issues of the presentations and discussions of the 12th GPD in Finland last June summarizes the trends perceived by the elite of the glass industry at their leading Conference.
Final programme download and registration can be carried out at www.gpd.fi/china, abstracts for papers can be viewed at www.gpd.fi/china, selecting For Participants and then Program Highlights
For additional information, please contact Brown Onduso at brown.onduso@gpd.fi or Doina Mattila at doina.mattila@gpd.fi.
GPD will also be held in South America for the second time 17-18 May 2012 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The lead themes for this year’s GPD SAME will be energy efficiency, profitability, architectural design, advanced glass technology and solar solutions, with focus on the key industrial success factors, and also reflecting the major current topics of the South American glass industry. The final programme for GPD SAME 2012 will be launched later this month.
The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Glass Performance Days Conferences, Jorma Vitkala can be reached at:
Jorma Vitkala, Chairman
Glass Performance Days
Vehmaistenkatu 5, FIN-33 730 Tampere, Finland
Telephone +358 3 372 3216, Fax +358 3 372 3180, Mobile +358 40 553 2042
E-mail: jorma.vitkala@glassfiles.com

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