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Gomelsteklo: modernization to double production

Gomelsteklo has doubled production thanks to intense modernization

Gomelsteklo, which has been undergoing modernization since 2008, has now doubled its output, while also increasing its export potential.

Modernization carried out at Gomelsteklo has reportedly enabled the company to double production. The modernization of the company, which began in 2008, is now in the final stage. During this time, production lines for the production of polished, laminated and energy-saving glass have put into operation.
As Gomelsteklo’s General Director Ivan Proturo noted, this has increased the efficiency of production. “The modernization has enabled to double output, and the export potential of the company has also been increased, we are now able to compare prices with the world leaders of the industry, and trade products in international markets,” he said.
Proturo highly appreciated the economic effect of modernization. After operating at a loss, during the last three years, the company has been developing confidently. Profitability of sales is more than 20%.
Also, according to the Director, the company can now fully meet the needs of the Belarusian market in energy-efficient glass, almost completely reducing the share of imports. While the country’s domestic market consumes only about 80% of Gomel glass. At the same time, a huge share of the products produced here (80-90%) is shipped to countries of Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine. Only by the results of 2017 more than 35 million square meters of glass for the amount of more than USD 100 million was shipped for export.
OJSC Gomelsteklo was established in 1994 on the basis of the Gomel Glass Plant named after Gomel. M.V. Lomonosov. The main direction of production is the production of sheet thermo-polished glass (float) of large format. Colourless and transparent sheet glass – a necessary component for the production of building translucent structures, the production of coated glass, automotive and safety glass, glass products for furniture and many other types of special glass.

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