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GMIC glass manufacturing industry report

GMIC has released an industry report

GMIC has published a glass industry report of over 135 pages, providing a detailed and comprehensive reference source.

A detailed and comprehensive reference source for intelligence on the glass manufacturing industry produced by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC), made up of comprehensive data, industry contacts and emissions regulations.
Contained in the report are vital metrics broken down by glass manufacturing segments, flat glass, container glass, specialty glass, fiberglass-glass wool, and fiberglass-glass fiber reinforced plastics/polymers (GFRP):
– Production volumes
– Recycling Analysis
– Inventory turnover
– Sales volumes
– Competitive industries comparative analysis
– Plant utilization
– Market share by segment
– Operating ratios and other relevant financial and industry benchmarks
– Research and development
– Market share by region
– Historical trends
– Value added
– Capital expenditures
– Industry predictions
– Detailed charts and tables
– Production facilities
– Major manufacturing company profiles
– Employment
– Energy usage and cost and many other relevant metrics…
A special sector on emissions regulations has a detailed and comprehensive survey of emissions and regulations relevant to glass manufacturing in North America and Europe, along with recommended best available techniques.
A contact list covers:
– US glass manufacturer list
– US glass factory list
– Supplier lists – alphabetical and by category.

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