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Glasslam Asia upgrades DFI License to 3D Chamber

New case study shows unparalleled industrial flexibility for applying protective coatings by converting production from manually-applied to CVD Chamber.
Glasslam’s umbrella of speciality glass companies, including Orientop Ltd., based in Hong Kong, has adopted Diamon-Fusion® as standard feature on almost all glass products.

Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, has announced another successful implementation of its patented CVD chamber from the previously manually-applied system. This new case study and license upgrade was effectively done by Glasslam Asia (and its umbrella of companies), a business group with over 25 years of experience, specializing in architectural projects (hotels and other large-scale commercial buildings) in the glass industry in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.
Glasslam Asia, with its partner company Orientop Ltd., specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products including architectural laminated glass, security & bullet resistant glass, sound control laminated glass, Safety-Plus® hurricane resistant laminated glass, blast resistant laminated glass, safety coloured glass, decorative laminated glass, sand-seal and bent laminated glass. Moreover, Orientop promptly promoted decorative laminated glass including infinity different colours, patterns and designs for interior finishes. Commercial projects completed by Orientop include banks, hotels, retail centres, restaurants, government buildings of all scales.
“We are extremely pleased with the adoption of Diamon-Fusion as a standard feature on all our glass products while, at the same time, eliminating the tedious and expensive task of applying the protective treatment by hand. DFI’s vapor chamber method not only virtually eliminates the application labour but it also provides uniformity to the process as the human factor is removed by the efficiency of an automated and high quality process. It’s probably one of the best business decisions we’ve made in the last 10 years, as far as changing an industrial process. Then the quality of the DFI product is truly unmatched, along with the level of excellence in partnership,” stated Vitus Yiu, Managing Director of Glasslam Asia. “I can attest to all this after working with DFI for almost ifve years now, with their unconditional full support beyond market conditions.”
“As effective as our hand-applied nanocoatings are, once a company reaches certain volume levels, upgrading the coating system to our CVD chamber makes it imperative from a cost-effectiveness and overall industrial efficiency standpoints, plus the glass gets treated on all sides automatically for the cost of only one side, so the 3D aspect alone offers 50% savings as yet another unique by-product, beyond the drastic reduction on labour costs,” explained Guillermo Seta, Corporate Vice President and Executive Director of DFI. “The strategic alliance we’ve built with Glasslam Asia has proven to be an excellent choice; their full adoption of our flagship Diamon-Fusion product throughout their entire glass product lines speak volumes about their commitment to quality and the environment as added eco-friendly and water-efficiency features.”

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