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Glass World and Alu Glass World together in 2013

This year’s edition of Glass World will take place 28-30 June 2013. The exhibition is now at its sixth edition, and will, this time, run concurrently with Alu Glass World 2013, providing visitors with more products, and exhibitors with the possibility to demonstrate innovations and technologies that will definitely be highly important and valuable in the construction market.

Glass World – Alu Glass World 2013 – The 6th International Exhibition for Glass and Aluminum Technology, Machinery and Equipment – will take place 28-30 June 2013, at the Cairo International Convention Center, Cairo, Egypt.
Glass World 2013 is not only the leading exhibition in Egypt but also in the MENA Region and Africa, where it is a leading market forum in the Region covering the whole process of glass and aluminium industry.
Formerly known as Glass World 2013, the exhibition is now at its sixth edition, bringing together international industry pioneers from manufacturers, processors, producers as well as suppliers of technologies for both the glass and aluminium industries, to end products, accessories and adhesives.
Participants in Glass World in the last few years include:
Egyptian participants: Dr. Greiche, Cairo Glass Manufacturing, City Glass, Sphinx Glass, MGM, Saint-Gobain Egypt, The Egyptian Belgian Co. for Aluminium ” EGYBEL”, Misr Café, Aman & Safety Group, Al Jawhara for Glassware, Al-Obour for Glass Technology, Borg Al-Arab for Glass, El Sewedy for Glass Lamp, Kandil Glass, Toshiba El Arabi, Arab Pharmaceutical Glass, Middle East Glass Manufacturing “MEG”, Pearl Investment for glassware, and many more.
Overseas participants: Optimac Glass Machinery, Schott, Intermac, Lisec Group, Denver, GlassWeld, Glasstech Inc., Interpane International, Best Glass Machinery, Glaston, Hegla, Bystronic, Bottero Glass Technologies, Landglass Technology, Fickert & Winterling Maschinenbau, Ungricht, Fermac, Forma Glas, Colorobbia Italia, Hubtex Maschinenbau, Jeffer Glass Engineering, North Glass Technology Group, Sisecam, Thieme, Bassra Glass Machines, Beijing Hanjiang Automatic Glass Machine, Beijing Window Screen Printing Machinery, Benteler Maschinenbau, Creative Resins International, Good Credit Corporation, Grafotec Spray Systems.
Glass World 2013 edition is tailored to cope with the African and MENA Region’s fast growing role in the global glass and aluminium industries. Both the glass and aluminium industries demand and consumption is rising rapidly in these regions.
With the synergic bond between the glass and aluminium sectors, exhibitors have the possibility of demonstrating their uniqueness thanks to the matchmaking of experts and professionals of both these sectors, which are considered mandatory elements in buildings, architecture, façade systems and the applications of the industry and all its usage.
Alu Glass World 2013 will be held concurrently with Glass World 2013, which will give more possibilities for visitors to witness and examine more products, and for exhibitors to demonstrate innovations and technologies that will definitely be highly important and valuable in the construction market.
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