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Glass Processing Days 2001: dates, venue and programme announced

Glass Processing Days 2001, the 7th international conference on architectural and automotive glass, has been scheduled for 18-21 June 2001 in Tampere, Finland.
The conference, which will be held at T…

Glass Processing Days 2001, the 7th international conference on architectural and automotive glass, has been scheduled for 18-21 June 2001 in Tampere, Finland. The conference, which will be held at Tampere Hall and is organized by Tamglass, will include programmes and courses on both architectural and automotive glass. Visitors expected to attend the conference include: glass processors/transformers, manufacturers, material and machinery suppliers, glaziers, architects, construction specialists, university representatives, window and IG-unit manufacturers, consultants, representatives from the automotive industry and research institutions. The Fascinating Glass Business category includes two sessions. The first will focus on current and future trends in the architectural and automotive glass business, with the objective of providing an extensive overview of glass manufacturing and processing, the various uses of glass, and the future of glass in different market areas. The second session on the glass business will be dedicated to the various standards and regulations governing the building and automotive industries today. The World of Architectural Glass category includes many sessions. The first three will be aimed particularly at architects, as well as glass manufacturers and processors working in co-operation with architects. The session will deal with present-day trends in glass building, as well as new developments and possibilities with regard to the use of glass. Innovative products will be spotlighted and the many aspects of exciting glass applications discussed. The topics include the combination of glass and metal in buildings, glass as an indoor and outdoor building material, and its use as an aesthetic element. In other sessions, special emphasis will be placed on the various production technologies being used today, and on questions such as how to put the latest research and development results into practical use in production, and how to develop more competitive, safe and cost-effective products using current or new methods and technologies. The first two sessions of Automotive“s Driving Force will provide an excellent overview of the prominent role modern car glazing plays in design styling and the body construction, design and styling of automobiles. Topics to be covered range from market and consumer demands on different continents to new legislative issues, research and development programmes that affect automobile design. Papers on methods and materials used for the glass or plastic elements and glazing in the cars of the future will also be discussed. Other sessions will deal with the different stages of glass manufacture and glass processing. Special attention will be paid to new, cost-effective methods, production control and quality assurance. The implications of the growing ARG market will also be highlighted. A number of hands-on short courses will be arranged in conjunction with the 7th Glass Processing Days. These courses will be arranged both in Helsinki and Tampere from 15-17 June 2001. The one-day courses provide participants with the opportunity to acquire more in-depth knowledge of one specific subject, such as the use of glass in modern design and architecture, glass coating, insulated glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, production control, glass decoration, glass product design, standardization, or machinery and operator parameters. At the 6th conference in 1999, over 400 people took part in the short courses. A number of recreational activites and tours will also be organized. For further information please contact: Mr. Jorma Vitkala Chairman of the 7th Glass Processing Days Tamglass Ltd. Oy Vehmaistenkatu 5 33730 Tampere Finland Tel: +358-3-3723216 Fax: +358-3-3723180 E-mail: Website:

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