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Glass Machinery Company enhances express toughening standards

For Essex based specialist glass processor Express Toughening the product quality and excellent support services from The Glass Machinery Company have generated positive results after it made a substantial investment in the Bovone robotic system.

CEO George Howard discusses some of the benefits they have seen using the line since the installation, in a recent promotional video commissioned by The Glass Machinery Company and produced by
“Not only does this robotic system offer us additional safety and efficiency for our polishing but the extra speed allows us to give our customers the edge. We are the only company that can offer same day delivery on complex toughened processed glass up to 19mm and painted and toughened laminated glass within 48 hours. The robots complement our lean production methods which keep us at the forefront of our marketplace”
Further discussion with Director Adam Curtis highlights the advantages of the new robotic equipment and why this system was selected over other manufacturers.
Having reviewed extensively and then tested other machinery on the market, the management team opted to invest in The Glass Machinery Company portfolio for a number of reasons.
For Adam Curtis, when making substantial investments there has to be a trust between customer and supplier, which has long been established between Express Toughening and The Glass Machinery Company. Furthermore, having established a reputation for speed and quality it was imperative that only the most reliable equipment be installed for Express Toughening’s expansion programme.
“Bovone products were well known to us as we already had two of their polishers, however when discussing our growth strategy with Phil, it is evident he completely understands the sector and he gives a totally straight opinion. As investors that is what we are looking for – an honest answer.”
The speed, safety and easy maintenance of the robotic system drew the management team to make the commitment to invest.
“Speed is an obvious benefit and the Bovone system is simply so much quicker for large pieces of glass.  Equally, safety was a major aspect for us to consider as we need to know our guys are safe.  With glass screens that can be up to 3m long no staff can get close to the system as the area is totally caged off,” said Adam.
The decision to invest in products from The Glass Machinery Company came at a time of rapid growth for Express Toughening, with the desire to further automate the company’s facilities. The line comprises two ELB 10 Bovone straight line edgers, along with two Robots from Comau, integrated with Bovone’s software.
Since installation the equipment has made substantial improvements to on-site efficiency with production times decreased substantially.  The company is proud of the niche service it offers to customers and thanks to faster output and capacity provided by the system they can now offer their customers the fastest service in the industry.
Adam Curtis was extremely impressed with the quality of standards provided by the service installation team as the machinery was delivered and installed with minimum disruption to ongoing manufacturing procedures.
Adam said “Making investments in machinery is a decision that must be measured and considered carefully.  Having established a reputation for reliability and quality it is vital that we maintain these standards for our customers as we expand further.
In respect of the quality and reliability of the equipment, we have not been disappointed and equally The Glass Machinery Company team has excelled regarding both installation and efficient after-sales care services.”
Senior management believes the investment in The Glass Machinery Company portfolio will reap greater benefits for customers as the market continues to develop, with the Bovone Robotic Line giving greater speed and capacity.
Adam comments, “A great deal of interest has been generated by the promotional video, with a number of customers very keen to come and look at our factory.  People have seen the advantages and have been very impressed with the new systems.”
Phil Birchall, Managing Director, The Glass Machinery Company said “The combination of these two great manufacturers brings incredible results.  The safety aspect alone makes this system a great addition for any glass processor but the production output really does have to be seen.”
Regarding the installation, George Howard concludes, “It is reassuring to know that we can support our customers and give them the edge in the marketplace. Being recognized for our quality standards is always rewarding but this installation helps us to demonstrate that we are providing the right solutions to the industry as a whole.”

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