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Glass For Europe: Let’s get the Fitfor55 package right

Philippe Bastien, Chairman of Glass for Europe, has written an essay asking the European Parliament and Council to mitigate the impact of energy costs, boost carbon-avoiding products and drive investments in low carbon manufacturing

On the heels of the Fitfor55 debate, AGC Glass Europe regional president and Chairman of Glass for Europe Philippe Bastien has written an essay imploring the European Parliament and Council for more support of the glass industry during the current energy crisis created by the current conflict in the Ukraine.

In the essay, Philippe wrote, “Europe is now at a critical junction in shaping its energy transition, only accelerated due to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine. Europe’s flat glass industry needs to face today’s energy crisis, and, with adequate support, will emerge stronger to support Europe’s transition towards climate neutrality.”

The essay suggests that at a bare minimum, the ruling bodies of the EU should guarantee an uninterrupted supply of energy to the glass industry to avoid serious damage to industrial assets.

Among his other requests are:

  • Supporting the European Commission‘s proposal in the EED for a revised upward energy efficiency target for 2030.
  • Ensuring the EPBD triggers the currently lacking energy-efficient renovation of buildings.
  • Ensuring that new sectors like flat glass manufacturing are not hastily introduced into the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.
  • Recognising the EU Emission Trading System provisions are the flat glass industry’s only and indispensable line of defence against the risk of carbon leakage.
  • Reintroducing the exemption for mineralogical processes industries in the Energy Taxation Directive.

Philippe concluded, “I urge European policymakers to help us trigger the EU flat glass Industry’s virtuous cycle of decarbonisation – we’re ready to play our part. With the right framework, just as we have done for the last 30 years, I am convinced that our industry will deliver.”

To read the full essay, click here.

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