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Glass for Europe at the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit 2023

On December 1, Bertrand Cazes, Glass for Europe Secretary General, participated in the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit 2023 (SIPS 2023) conference on sustainability through science. Cazes co-chaired one of the sessions on glass sustainability and presented the Glass for Europe 2050 vision on flat glass in climate-neutral Europe.

One specific intervention by Mr. Niels Schreuder was devoted to presenting the Dutch flat glass collection and recycling system of the Netherlands, VRN.

“One very positive take away for me: more and more people are looking into how we can boost the recycling of old glazing into new flat glass,” Cazes declared following the session.

The fruitful conference provided an important opportunity for exchange with the scientific community and distinguished researchers, including Nobel laureates. In this same context, Professor Alicia Durán was honoured with the Fray International Sustainability award for her work on glass and her leading role in the organization of the United Nations’ International Year of Glass (IYOG).

Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President of Glass Services a.s., received the von Klitzing International Engineering Award. These two prizes going to stakeholders of the glass industry, are a good illustration of the sector’s motivation and excellence in delivering enhanced sustainability.

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