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Glass for Europe at 2020 World Soda Ash Conference

Glass for Europe participated in the 2020 World Soda Ash (WSA) Conference, the must-attend event of the year for the Soda Ash Industry. Soda ash is a key raw material and is used as an additive in the flat glass making process to reduce the melting temperature of the sand used.

Cedric Janssens, Public Affairs manager of Glass for Europe, presented the flat glass industry vision in a climate-neutral Europe during a session dedicated to “Prospects for glass”. Europe has set itself an ambitious objective, to be first climate neutral economy by 2050. Soon, Europe will need more high-performance flat glass to decarbonise sectors such as buildings and transport.

The flat glass industry is looking forward to massively scale up its contributions, including by developing novel ways to manufacture this non-substitutable material with minimal CO2. “We know the objective, but we still have to decide the pathway. This is the exciting moment we are now and the flat glass vision is our contribution to map the way,” concluded Cedric Janssens.

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