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Glass assembly specialists Heavydrive GmbH are expanding

New branches around the world and international projects

2019 saw the trend for increasingly unique construction concepts continue, with gigantic façade elements of all different shapes and sizes being fitted. Heavydrive GmbH, the Tapfheim-based lifting and transport specialists, accepted the challenge, expanding their range to include a variety of suction systems, counterweight traverses and assembly aids for extra-large panes.

Heavydrive currently offers assembly solutions for panes weighing up to 10 tonnes and measuring up to 24 metres. The special devices can therefore handle assembly of glass elements with the current maximum possible dimensions. For every job, the systems are configured to the customer’s requirements, adapted to the construction situation, and tested. An experienced operator can also be hired with the devices. The Heavydrive service includes a comprehensive consultation during the project planning phase.

Heavydrive project in Zagreb (Croatia) with the VSG 3500 KMH and the VSG 3000 counterweight system. Image rights:

In 2019, Heavydrive’s special devices were used in construction projects all over the world, including in the St. Jakobshalle in Basel, the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Bavaria Towers in Munich, and in major construction sites in Zagreb (Croatia), Moscow (Russia), Barcelona (Spain) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Heavydrive project at the Bavaria Towers in Munich with the VSG 800 KR for concave and convex curved panes. Image rights:

New branches around the world
The demand for small assembly and glass lifting devices for panes from 300kg is still on the rise. In order to offer a better and quicker service to customers around the world, the company has opened new branches in Urtenen-Schönbühl (Switzerland), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Atlanta (USA). “Our international branches give our customers an on-site contact with whom they can discuss specific queries. Our new locations also have devices in stock and a modern fleet of machinery so that we can deliver them more quickly,” said Heavydrive managing director, Günter Übelacker.

Heavydrive App. Image rights:

Staying ahead with digitisation
Using the handy Heavydrive App in German, English and Russian, customers on the construction site can get in touch with the experts via video call or messaging. “Our digital services allow us to respond to customers’ questions and problems immediately and offer an instant solution,” explained Günter Übelacker. The practical Heavydrive device finder also allows customers to find the right system to meet their needs and send an enquiry with just a click. On request, Heavydrive can also offer a 3D simulation of the construction site to help with planning a customised assembly solution.

Years of experience in glass assembly
Günter Übelacker founded Heavydrive GmbH in 2006 with two employees and a small fleet of glass assembly devices. There is high demand for special devices. The company, headquartered in Tapfheim in Bavaria, expanded and soon specialised in assembly and transportation of extra-large and heavy panes.
Now, Heavydrive is a world market leader in this area and rents and sells glass assembly equipment around the world.

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