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GfE: Glazing technologies to deliver heatwave-proof buildings

The last years have witnessed increasingly acute and frequent heat waves across Europe and temperatures are expected to climb further in the decades to come. European buildings need to adapt to the new climate conditions to ensure comfort and well-being in both winter and summer time.

In the informative paper “Glazing contribution to summer comfort” released today, Glass for Europe reviews the impact on buildings of heat waves and presents the solutions developed by the flat glass industry to limit overheating and ensure summer comfort. “Today’s solar control glazing technologies can make EU buildings more resilient to future heat waves,” said Luca Oggianu, Public Affairs and Communication Manager at Glass for Europe.

Summer comfort must be considered as a social and climate priority. Maintaining comfortable indoor temperature in summertime reduces the risk of heat-related health problems and increases productivity. Passive solutions such a solar control glazing can be used very effectively to limit the heat load in both residential and non-residential buildings. By keeping interiors cooler, solar control glazing reduces the needs for air-conditioning, the resulting energy consumption and linked emissions.

“The flat glass industry has developed different solar control solutions which ensure thermal comfort and visual connection in summertime,” continued L. Oggianu. “Solutions that let in the sunlight but keep out much of the heat, so that people do not have to compromise between a bright and connected interior and their summer comfort.”

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