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Gerresheimer at CPhI Worldwide

Top quality injection vials for greater patient safety

The Gx Elite vials and Gx RTF vials will be setting a new standard for type I vials made from borosilicate glass at booth 111B10 at CPhl Worldwide in Frankfurt from November 5 to 7.

“Our GX Elite vials made from high-quality type I borosilicate glass are our response to greater demands for even more patient safety,” said Hans-Ulrich Pieper, who is responsible for glass products made from tubular glass (Tubular Glass Converting) as Senior Director Sales Pharma Parenteral Solutions Europe & MENA PPG. He describes how avoiding glass-to-glass contact in the production process can significantly affect the quality of the injection vials.
Extremely stable and free of cosmetic defects
The Gx Elite vials are the result of a careful product development process spanning several years. The highly shatter-resistant vials are extremely durable and free of cosmetic defects. They also boast an incredibly robust structure, while their resistance to delamination protects the drug inside. Simple handling and a range of packaging options ensure that Gx Elite vials can be supplied for end-to-end use on various filling lines. This cuts costs while improving quality, as countless past and ongoing tests by notable customers have shown.

Gx RTF vials – ready for filling
The Gx RTF injection vials are made from type I borosilicate glass and meet all current requirements of the applicable ISO standards and pharmacopeias (USP and Ph. Eur.). They are moulded in accordance with cGMP, washed in a cleanroom, packed in trays or in nests and tubs, and sterilized.

Gerresheimer offers its own packaging arrangements as well as the familiar Ompi EZ-fill packaging design. This means the vials are ready straight away for the next steps in the filling process. The benefits are obvious: sterile delivery, a simplified fill and finish process, the highest quality standards, flexibility thanks to various possible packaging arrangements, and a wide range of filling and sealing technologies. These all combine to reduce overall manufacturing costs across the product’s entire lifecycle.

Gerresheimer injection vials for international standards
Injection vials set the benchmark for primary packaging for parenteral drugs. Gerresheimer’s come in all sizes and comply with the relevant international standards and pharmacopeias. The company’s range includes solutions for bioengineered drugs and other specialist pharmaceuticals.

Intelligent defect recognition with state-of-the-art HD cameras
All of Gerresheimer’s tubular glass plants that produce vials work with standardized monitoring, inspection, and packaging technologies, which essentially comprise the Gx G3 and Gx RHOC systems. The inspection systems are developed in house and form part of a close-knit testing system that ensures the highest precision and quality assurance in line with the latest standards. Complete with state-of-the-art HD cameras, the Gx G3 inspection system makes sure that cosmetic defects are identified reliably, for instance. The intelligent software detects and classifies the defects in a few fractions of a second, while the Gx RHOC system ensures dimensional quality with HD matrix cameras and a hypercentric ID camera.

Gerresheimer at CPhI Worldwide
As a leading specialist in drug packaging and administration, Gerresheimer has been a part of CPhI Worldwide for many years. CPhI – the Convention of Pharmaceutical Ingredients – has been the most important trade fair for the development and marketing of pharmaceutical ingredients for the past 30 years. This year’s CPhI is being held in Frankfurt. Gerresheimer can be found at booth 111B10 in hall 11.2 in the InnoPack area.

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