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Fratelli Pezza: POCULUM, the sandblasted glass that can be worn

“A dreamer craftsman”, alias Umberto Tofoni, third generation of a family of glassmakers from the Marche region, one day in March 2014 had an illumination that literally changed his life: creating the first glass bow tie making it a cult object thanks to the sandblasting technique

Today POCULUM is one of the trending brands in the fashion accessories sector, with a truly amazing growth in popularity. Who among us, until a few years ago, would have even imagined being able to wear a bow tie completely made of glass? We meet Umberto, a forge of ideas and enthusiasm, in the glass factory founded by his grandfather in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Fermo province, Italy, where he tells us how his project was born.

“It all started seven years ago. I was in our workshop with my father, who was cutting a mirror, giving it the silhouette of a person. At that precise moment I got the inspiration: I took a piece of waste glass from a previous process and carved the shape of a bow tie! The first result was a bit rough but I decided to wear it myself at a party with friends and the success was simply sensational! That experience made me realize that I had created an object with great potential, which only needed to have an adequate showcase.”

Umberto began to work on the development of the item until he managed to manufacture the “glass bow-tie” as it is available today: thanks to the sandblasting technique each piece is unique, authentic and can even be customized on request.

“I have been using the GHIBLI sandblasting cabin manufactured by Fratelli Pezza for years now and I must say that I am really happy with it. I need cleanliness and precision when I sandblast my POCULUM and this sandblaster is perfectly fit to it! It is a truly flexible and reliable machine manufactured by a healthy company that is always striving for quality.”

Thanks to sandblasting Umberto can create stylish designs of any kind on glass, following the trends of the moment such as the textured effects, obtained by blasting at different depths. POCULUM aroused interest in major international fashion magazines such as VOUGUE ACCESSORY, up to the TORONTO MAN’S FASHION WEEK and the AMATO COUTURE in 2017 where bow ties completed the outfit of several international fashion designers.

Italian movie makers also winked at POCULUM. “In fact, Enrico Brignano wore one of my bow ties at the premiere of his film ‘A Whole Other Life’.”

In Italy, the POCULUM accessories will be worn by some of the protagonists of the world of glass who will attend VITRUM, the international leading exhibition that will be held in Milan from the 5th to the 8th of October 2021 in a renewed version, combined with the so-called “GLASS WEEK,” a week characterized by events in the hearth of the city of Milan.

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