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Fratelli Pezza: Adelaide Forcella and her sandblasted glass art

Adelaide Forcella has recently crafted a reproduction on glass of Gustav Klimt's masterpiece "The Kiss", skilfully combining the technique of sandblasting with that of painting and decoration with gold leaves

For more than 30 years, the Apulian glass artist Adelaide Forcella has been creating unique artworks for highly demanding customers who want to have a stylish and unique decoration element in their homes.

In  her laboratory in Fasano. Brescia, Italy, she said about her work, “A young couple close to marriage asked me to create something that could represent their union; so I decided to reproduce on a sandblasting film the famous masterpiece of Gustav Klimt which I then carved by hand so as not to lose any detail of the original.”

Going into the details of the creation, Adelaide added that after the mask carving process she used Fratelli Pezza‘s sandblasting cabin to carry out a bas-relief engraved at three different depths, in order to obtain a three-dimensional effect.  She explained, “I have owned a Fratelli Pezza sandblaster for almost 25 years and thanks to this reliable, economical and versatile tool I am able to obtain incredible results to satisfy even the most demanding requests.”

In fact, sandblasting, unlike other techniques, enters the soul of glass and this creation represents an excellent example: the roughness of the surface provides an emotional tactile experience and it is a fundamental basis for the implementation of other decorative techniques.

“To complete the work, I hand-coloured the stained glass door, 193×83 cm, with enamel and gold leaf, paying great attention to the polychromy of the flowery meadow and the golden chrysalis that encloses the two figures. The sandblasted surface turned out to be perfect for fixing colours.”

It is therefore a source of great pride for Fratelli Pezza to provide an instrument to Italian excellences who, like Adelaide, are recognized worldwide for their superb artistic ability and skillfulness that embodies artisan tradition, creativity, manual skills and a lot of commitment.

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