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­FORVET: Live demo of Sortiflex, the new glass storage system

During a recent ‘Showcase’, Forvet presented its range of solutions dedicated to glass processing. Visitors showed particular interest in Sortiflex, the new buffer system for optimized management of multiple processing flows.

Sortiflex was designed to meet the need for process flexibility that many glass companies today have to cope with; Sortiflex can in fact be integrated not only with Forvet lines, but also with flat glass processing machines from other manufacturers.
Forvet has been building glass processing machines and integrated solutions that are unique in terms of performance, innovation and technology since 1990, and therefore has 30 years of experience.
Sortiflex, the brand new sorting solution, is a buffer unit which, thanks to the automation of loading, sorting and unloading processes of the glass sheets, adds a considerable contribution to the production cycle in terms of optimization of logistics in inter-process handling.

Sortiflex works as a temporary buffer to optimize the flow of glass from different origins and convey them to a single exit, or from a single origin to several exits. The sheets are removed from the processing line and through a dedicated shuttle.
Each storage position transports the glass on a belt. The belt is driven by a toothed pulley which receives the movement directly from the shuttle. During handling, to minimize contact with the back side of the glass, the design of each storage position provides a ‘brush’ support.

The glass storage buffers are built with a patented system that provides two overlapping storage levels that double the number of available positions with the same footprint, thus increasing the storage potential without requiring more space in the plant. Depending on the length of the glass, each buffer position can accommodate more pieces.
As well as being extremely fast, the timing of each loading and unloading cycle is extremely precise and repeatable, so that the buffer can be linked in line with the other processes in the production line in a fully automatic manner. The glass has in fact to flow synchronously and efficiently, thus avoiding unnecessary handling and wasted resources.
Sortiflex can be equipped with position separators to prevent the spread of glass fragments in case of natural glass breakage after tempering.

The Sorting optimization software developed by Forvet enables fully automated in-line control of the production cycle. The software dialogues with the different production stations to optimize their processes and also gives the operator a real-time view of the current production status.
Sortiflex, like the whole range of Forvet solutions, is customizable to the specific needs of each and every customer.
The analysis of customers’ needs is the basis for the development of tailor-made solutions that make the relationship between needs and results optimal in both the short- and long term.

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