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Formator celebrates 20 Years

Formator, a producer of safety laminated glass, is now celebrating 20 years since its establishment. Its products have not only reached over 40 countries worldwide from Croatia, but have also garnered immense success and recognition.

Formator Ltd was founded in 2003 by IMSA Group GmbH. From the very beginning, the company had a clear vision: to become a benchmark for special glasses, with a focus on turning the ideas and needs of architects and customers into reality.

Robert and Giovanni Miklus

Robert Miklus, co-founder and co-owner of Formator, explained, “Our spirit has always been to be a dynamic and customer-oriented company with a keen eye on innovation. This approach has allowed us to achieve significant milestones and contribute to the realization of globally renowned projects.”

To date, Formator’s laminated glass can be found in prominent structures such as “The Shard” in London, “The Vessel” in New York, “Tour Odeon” in Monte Carlo, “Freedom Bridge” in Georgia and “Doha Airport” in Qatar, among others. Moreover, over 80 ships worldwide are equipped with Formator laminated glass.

“The Vessel” in New York

Pioneers in the production of laminated glasses with SentryGlas® for the marine sector
In 2007, the company delivered laminated glasses with SentryGlas® interlayer for the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Miklus added, “This was the first time that SentryGlas® was used in the marine sector, an environment known for its harsh conditions of salt, humidity and sun exposure. Over the years, its efficacy has been proven, leading to its increased usage by different shipyards. Today, the use of SentryGlas® has become the norm in the marine sector.”

Cruise ship “Ruby Princess”

Leaders in electrically heated glasses for ship wheelhouses
Over the past fifteen years, the company has produced more than 2,500 units of heating glass, making it one of the European leaders in this specialized field. These heating glasses have been installed on over 80 ship wheelhouses, with a majority of them being cruise ships.

“At Formator, we have a dedicated area for electrically heated glasses, where we not only carry out production but also conduct tests and research,” Miklus said. “In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing demand from the construction sector, where electrically heated glass can be utilized as a heating source. We offer our electrically heated glass under the brand name HeatVision®, and with the growing focus on zero-energy buildings, we anticipate strong demand in the years to come.”

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