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FILTRAGLASS: new app, new possibilities

Filtraglass is continuing with its important developments in making the company’s water filtration systems for the glass industry available for everyone – reducing costs and protecting the environment. This article shows us how, with a new app, clients have a series of important advantages regarding improvements in its systems, adapting them to new market needs

Filtraglass will shortly launch its new mobile app, free to use and available on iOS and Android.

A wide range of benefits
The app comes with a wide range of benefits for clients who can, first and foremost, assemble their Eco3Box system without the need for Filtraglass technicians to visit their facilities – an essential feature in light of the current global health crisis. This new approach also allows clients to reduce the cost of purchasing one of the company’s systems, since they will not need to cover installation costs and the travel expenses of technicians.

By means of the app, clients can request an appointment with Filtraglass technical team for the assembly of their Eco3Box. On the appointed day, clients will be able to assemble their machine with the online support of engineers via video call. In 24 hours the system will be up and running.

Eco3-Box CNC

Technical and after-sales service improvements
The purpose of the app is also to improve Filtraglass’ technical and after-sales service. Everyone in possession of a Filtraglass filtration system will have a customer account through which they can get in touch with the company by using the chat box or by video call, send photos and videos, ask questions related to their machine, and inform the Filtraglass technical team directly of any operation-related incidents, which they will resolve as soon as possible.

The new app also allows clients to purchase spare parts, accessories, and other Filtraglass products such as coolant, additives, etc.

On the back of the launch of the Eco3Box two years ago, this new app represents a further step in making Filtraglass water filtration systems for the glass industry available for everyone – reducing costs and protecting the environment.

New Eco3-Box 2020

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