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Filtraglass and Bottero GmbH: Together for a sustainable glass industry

Filtraglass has installed a water filtration systems are in Bottero GmbH's showroom

The commitment to efficiency and sustainability in the glass industry has given Filtraglass the opportunity to work in different parts of the world and to get to know other companies in the sector with whom they share objectives. This is the case with Bottero, a global leader in glass processing machinery, with whom they have initiated a collaboration that promises great challenges.

Recently, Filtraglass had the privilege of being at Bottero GmbH’s (German branch of Bottero) showroom in Grevenbroich, a municipality located in the Düsseldorf region, less than an hour away from iconic cities like Cologne, in Northwest Germany. The visit marked the beginning of the collaboration between the two companies, as they installed one of Filtraglass’ water filtration systems in their showroom. An excellent opportunity to demonstrate how these water treatment systems filter glass waste, thus promoting water savings and reduced machine maintenance.

Bottero is an Italian group specialized in the production of machinery for glass processing, whose history began over 60 years ago. Since then, they have continuously improved their processes and developed new technologies to enhance glass production performance. The group is internationally recognized with a presence in various European cities, as well as in the United States, China and Brazil.

The partnership between Bottero and Filtraglass is a testament to the trust that leading glass machinery manufacturers place in the water filtration systems of the company from Vilamalla, Girona, Spain. Filtraglass is truly pleased that industry experts value the water recycling provided by its systems and want to include it in their machinery.

This collaboration is also an example of the commitment that many companies are making to the environment. It is evident that the planet is facing a delicate moment and therefore, any initiative aimed at evolving the glass industry towards sustainability deserves applause. Thus, both companies are proud to say that they are working towards a cleaner and more efficient future for the glass industry.

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