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Fenzi Group at Glass South America 2024

The appointment with Glass South America 2024 is from June 12 to 15, 2024, in São Paulo, Brazil. The Fenzi Group and the entire Fenzi South America team will be on stage to introduce the latest innovations developed by the leading group in chemicals for secondary glass processing for all glass industry professionals.

The Latin-American market appreciates the insulating glass products developed by Fenzi Group and marketed around the world by the Glass Alliance network – composed of Fenzi, Alu-Pro, Rolltech, Fenzi AGT and Tecglass – that will all be on display at the Fenzi and Alu Pro stand, M048, inside the Italian Pavilion at the trade show.

Centre stage at the fair will be the entire range of super bond-strength sealants for high-performance energy-saving windows. Among the most sought-after products are Thiover, the polysulfide sealant compliant with the strictest eco-compatibility standards; Butylver, the PIB-based sealant for primary sealing of IG units; and Poliver, the polyurethane sealant that ensures perfect adhesion to glass and spacers, especially in the latest-generation warm edge systems.

The warm edge spacers by Alu-Pro and Rolltech, a complete line of IG solutions, are perfectly compatible with Fenzi sealants. Particularly in high demand in Latin America are the Chromatech Ultra products, a hybrid spacer made of stainless steel and special blends of plastic that ensures significant benefits in terms of thermal insulation and ease of processing; and Multitech, an entirely metal-free rigid spacer profile enhanced with a special extremely thin but exceptionally insulating transparent multi-layer barrier.

Completing the range of products developed for high-performance IG units is Butylver TPS, the latest-generation thermoplastic warm edge spacer developed by Fenzi to work synergistically with all the commercially available automatic applicators. Thanks to its rapid, perfect adhesion to the glass surface, it provides excellent, total insulation, guarantees limited and more stable thermal conduction, and blocks the escape of gas and penetration of water vapor.

Also showcased at Glass South America 2024 are the latest innovations from all of the Group’s business units – mirror-backing paints and silvering solutions, cold-process decorative paints and ceramic inks for all kinds of applications, special glass enamels and precious-metal pastes used in the automotive, electronics, tableware, ceramics and technical glass sectors.

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