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FDS and Northglass together at Chile Glass

At Chile Glass, visitors will have the chance to see not only flat glass machinery manufacturer Northglass, but also the company that represents it in Latin America and the Caribbean, FDS Glass.

FDS Glass Corp., the exclusive representative in Latin America and the Caribbean for a number of important manufacturers for the flat glass industry, will be at Chile Glass in November at Santiago De Chile. Covering mostly every process related to the flat glass industry, FDS Glass Corp. offers top of the line glass tempering furnaces, cutting tables, automation lines, screen printing machines; PVB laminating lines; Insulated Glass lines; washing, drilling, edging, bevelling machines; loading and storage systems, automotive glass bending furnaces, EVA furnaces; CNC’s; Quality control scanners; Water treatment; Specialized Software; and a wide range of Hardware, supplies and parts. (Northglass, Handong Glass, Lijiang, Humam, Hiseng, Deltamax, Denver)

NorthGlass, established in 1995, just one of the companies represented by FDS, is a pioneer among Chinese enterprises developing and manufacturing glass deep-processing equipment, being the strongest & largest developer and manufacturer in its field.

The company’s major products: flat/bent glass tempering furnaces, have been ranked first in the worldwide industry within last 14 years, according to production and sales volume. There are, in fact, over 4,000 NorthGlass tempering furnaces up and running in over 100 countries around the world, of which more than 120 are in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and many others.

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