Famor Engineering looking for new business opportunities at Iran Glass 2017

The company will present its latest developments for the hollow glass sector.

Famor Engineering is a machine manufacturer, specialized in glass forming machines and equipment for the hollow glass sector.
Upon requests by glassworks, the company has been developing and designing solutions for several years. Established in 1977 in Italy, as a precision parts branch, it is now a worldwide active network of glass specialists.
All the processes for hot forming are offered: press and press & blow spinning injection pressing. Famor also supplies complete production lines including installation and production start-up.
The latest developments are: press & blow machines for very large articles, called “SMART FORMING”, and special fire polishing for perfume bottles with tracking burners and high speed rotating stirring mechanisms for platinum feeders.
For more information see: www.iranglass.show and www.famoreng.com.