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FAMA debuts at glasstec

FAMA will be at glasstec with its brand new strategy

For the first time, FAMA, the 75 years old Mexican manufacturer specialized in glass machinery and metal mechanics, will be attending glasstec, the world’s leading trade fair of the glass industry at Dusseldorf.

FAMA will be at glasstec with its brand new strategy which includes a new logo and slogan ‘Shaping Transformation”, that recognizes the brands efforts to redefine its contribution in the industry. As FAMA’s Global Executive Officer Juan S. Farias, told said: “For us, Shaping Transformation encompasses much more than a marketing tactic, for us it defines the integration of our mission, our vision and certainly the way we operate inside our company. Every day, FAMA workforce knows our purpose is to transform our clients’ productivity into utmost levels, and when we accomplish it, we truly know that we are shaping our and clients’ transformation. As a mere definition, transformation refers to changing one element or situation into another- in our industry, raw materials into final products. At FAMA, this goes further, it is what we strive towards: to become a world class company.”
With a profound history, a lifetime experience and being Vitro’s subsidiary, it’s clear that the Mexican company is shaping its own transformation to the future and beyond, looking forward to generate strategic alliances around the globe, “Its clear for us that our three major competitive advantages are positioning us as a valuable player of the glass machinery and metal mechanics manufacturer industry around the world. We are perfectly capable to deliver integral solutions because of the infrastructure we have. Also, our prices, quality and delivering times are quite competitive. Lastly, what we care about the most, is our highly qualified talented human capital. We have paid close attention to our Transformation Culture. It’s not good enough to just say it, for us it is vital that our people feel and live towards our vision and our values as a company to deliver utmost productivity. Therefore, we are continuously creating internal culture plans so we can deliver transformation every day,” Juan Farias replied.
FAMA is extending to new markets with bespoke solutions so manufacturers around the world can be leaders.

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