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Falorni Tech operations and field services continue as usual

We received the following press release from Falorni Tech

At this particular time, we at Falorni Tech are committed to ensuring business continuity while protecting our people because safety is our top priority.

The epidemic is a testing ground for our IT infrastructure and new work organization methods, as a proven and safe videoconferencing infrastructure further allows us to organize meetings and keep daily contacts with our clients.

But, for field service workers, who can’t work from home, the “office” is the glass factory, in different locations throughout each day. They perform repairs, maintenance, installations, and deliveries on-site, either alone or as part of a crew.
Technical assistance, start-up operation, as well as technical inspection, are continuing to be performed worldwide under the applicable government authorities. We are firmly committed to overcoming any potential impacts to our clients and will continue to work with all of you as efficiently as possible.

We deploy a comprehensive set of policies and guidelines, including enhanced hygiene measures, provision of additional personal protective equipment (PPE), physical distancing, and modifications to behaviour.

While the way we work will change, our commitment to supporting our Customers and quality delivery and shared cooperation will not because we are all in this together, and we will get through it together. T

hanks to Luciano, Francesco, Gabriele, Massimo and all our on field technicians for their diligence as well as dedication to ensure that our works are maintained according to the highest standards.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all of our customers worldwide for their ongoing support and loyal dedication during this challenging time.

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