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Everlam: taking a new step with the opening of its Center of Competence

Everlam has opened its new Center of Competence

Everlam’s new Center of Competence hosts a unique combination of the company’s commercial headquarters, R&D laboratory and technical center.

Everlam has announced the opening of its new Center of Competence located in Mechelen, Belgium.
The modern building hosts a unique combination of the company’s commercial headquarters, R&D laboratory and technical center. It is designed as an open space to accelerate collaborative shared work, create stronger synergies and foster innovation across the entire company. Centrally located in Europe, it offers easy access and great facilities for welcoming and training customers and partners.
Greg Parekh, Everlam Chairman commented: “The Everlam Center of Competence is a new milestone in the company’s development. Conceived as an open space, it benefits fluid exchanges between teams and reflects what Everlam is about: a service-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial company. A brand new laboratory fitted with state-of-the-art equipment sits in its center, which is a strong statement of the importance of R&D and innovation in the company’s strategy. Everlam is a smart company that shakes the laminated safety glass market and we will continue investing in it.”Harald Hammer, CEO, said: “Everlam’s massive investment in people and facilities is giving us the key assets to address market needs, remain close to our customers and deliver the highest quality operations, products and services. Led by a strongly committed multinational leadership team that shares one vision for the company, Everlam is driven to pursue on its growth path and focus on strengthening its position as a major market player.”
Everlam is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for laminated architectural safety glass, dedicated to proposing high-value solutions, comprising quality products that are supported by outstanding technical expertise. Its portfolio includes EVERLAM™ CLEAR, EVERLAM™ WHITE and EVERLAM™ COLORED PVB interlayer, EVERLAM™ QUIET, its acoustic offering and EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH, its stiff PVB solution. The Everlam Center of Competence, located in Mechelen (Belgium), brings together the company’s commercial headquarters R&D lab and technical center. The company’s production plant is in Hamm Uentrop, Germany, where its PVB interlayer has been manufactured for over 25 years. All sites are ISO 9001 certified. Everlam is wholly owned by GVC Holdings, a growth equity investment company specializing in the chemicals industry.

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