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Euroglas at glasstec 2012: efficient coating designs with top values

At glasstec this year, Euroglas had on show a wide range of its glass products, along with new and innovative developments, also showcasing new and highly efficient coating designs for Silverstar insulating glass.

Euroglas presented a large selection of glass manufacturing and finishing techniques as well as innovative new developments at the glasstec 2012 international trade fair. In addition to premium products from the company’s Hy-Tech-Glass, Swissform and Fireswiss lines, the Swiss glass specialist showcased new and highly efficient coating designs for Silverstar insulating glass. One example is the Silverstar Superselekt 35/14 T, shown for the first time at the fair. It combines extremely effective solar control with outstanding light transmittance, achieving a previously unequalled selectivity of 2.5. Another début was the Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F, a triple insulated glass which combines high light transmittance and extremely neutral colour reproduction with high energy efficiency.
Solar control is always a challenge in the planning of buildings. Especially in countries with many annual hours of sunshine or on buildings with large areas of roof glazing, constant solar radiation has a major impact on heat build-up in building interiors. The consequences are well known: high cooling costs diminish energy efficiency, cause unnecessary CO2 emissions and ultimately reduce the value of the property in the long term. In the past, exterior protective measures such as slats, roller shutters or louvres were therefore frequently used, markedly influencing the appearance of the building. Insulating glass with intelligent coatings represents a genuine alternative. The new Silverstar Superselekt 35/14 T impressively demonstrates how efficient this glass can be today.
The solar control glass from Euroglas has a G-value of just 14%. In many cases, this dispenses with the need for additional solar control. Despite this low G-value, the double insulated glass achieves a light transmittance of an astonishing 35%.
This extreme ratio of light transmittance to overall energy transmittance is expressed by the selectivity characteristic (S). In this regard, the new Silverstar Superselekt 35/14 T achieves a top value of S = 2.5. The Ug-value of 1.0 W/m2K is also impressive – good to know, as the nights can also be cool in regions with high average temperatures.
In addition to its technical advantages, the new coating design also has a strong “street appeal”, the exterior appearance of the glass. The low external reflection of just 14% means a colour neutral view and visual unobtrusiveness. Silverstar Superselekt 35/14 T thus enables considerable freedom when designing the façade and can also be combined with other glass from Euroglas. With this excellent solar control glass, there are thus barely any restrictions placed on design freedom.
The days are getting shorter again and, especially in the countries of Central and Northern Europe, the need for light and heat is increasing. Whether at home or in the office, what is needed is both excellent thermal insulation but also as much natural daylight inside. The new Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F provides a fitting solution. The triple insulated glass combines high light transmittance and extremely neutral colour reproduction with the desired energy efficiency.
Particularly worthy of note with Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F is the high light transmittance value of 78% and a colour reproduction index of Ra = 99. In order to achieve these values, the highly transparent Eurowhite without green tint and the Luxar F anti-reflection coating were used in the middle pane during development. Thanks to this design, a good deal of natural daylight enters the interior, considerably reducing the need for artificial lighting. In addition, the combination reduces obtrusive light reflection from outside and inside to just 16%, allowing clear through-vision, even at night. In addition to the remarkable light transmittance and colour neutrality values, Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F also helps to reduce heating costs. It achieves an excellent Ug-value of 0.8 W/m2K, chiefly by dint of the TRIII E thermal insulation coating on positions 2 and 5, i.e. on the insides of the two exterior panes.
With its intelligent use of solar radiation, neutral colour reproduction and simultaneous thermal insulation, Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F provides maximum comfort and a great deal of daylight, even in the dark winter months. Silverstar TRIII E Luxar F is ideal for use in both small window openings and on large façades.

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