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Ensuring quality and food safety: A Verallia’s commitment

On top of being the most protective packaging for food and beverages, glass is designed to deliver great consumer experiences. It also creates differentiation through bespoke decoration and engraving and labelling. Verallia’s commitment to quality is therefore key to the continuous improvement process of the company, involving all stakeholders.

By strictly applying food safety standards, Verallia aims to enhance customer satisfaction from production through to end consumer. Food safety is integral to Verallia’s quality management system and applies to all employees.

Building a strong corporate culture and continuous training
Verallia’s dedication to quality begins with fostering a culture that prioritizes food safety. This is achieved through comprehensive training programs that include all employees, regardless of their roles. The Group has implemented extensive e-learning programmes, making food safety education accessible to every new hire.

Making regulatory compliance as a standard
Verallia operates under stringent international standards to guarantee the highest levels of food safety. All of the 34 glass production sites of the company are certified under ISO 22000, and most of them achieve the highest level of certification recognized by the GFSI, such as FSSC 22000 or BRC. Compliance with these standards is monitored and maintained through regular audits and updates to our processes, ensuring that we not only meet but often exceed regulatory requirements.

Achieving operational excellence in quality and food safety
Operational excellence at Verallia means standardising procedures across all plants to ensure consistency. This includes the use of advanced technologies for defect detection and the implementation of a sophisticated software package to monitor and control production parameters. By doing so, we can anticipate and mitigate potential risks that could affect product quality.

Verallia’s strategic focus on quality and food safety is a testimony to a dedication to provide safe and reliable glass packaging that meets the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

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