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EnduroShield: beautiful easy clean glass railings and pool fencing

Uninterrupted views. Clean lines. Open plan spaces. There is no denying that glass is the material of choice for hotels, resorts, commercial properties and residences. Glass however, needs to be maintained and without regular cleaning, it can quickly become an eyesore with exposure to dust, dirt and fingerprints.

Furthermore, coastal properties with glass railings and glass fencing around swimming pools are subjected to salt and chlorine which can increase maintenance and eventually lead to permanent etching and staining.
Add the EnduroShield advantage to your glass
Leading glass providers around the world rely on EnduroShield to drive added revenue and enhance the performance of glass for their customers:

  • Reduced Maintenance – Glass becomes easy clean and stays cleaner for longer between cleans
  • Ultimate Protection – Repels both water & oil based stains providing superior protection against dirt, salt & chlorine
  • High Durability – Once only application is UV stable, creating a non-stick protective barrier. Application to new glass comes with a 10 year limited warranty

Global Project Highlights
Glass companies and field applicators from Cape Town to Cairns, and Birmingham to Bangkok are using EnduroShield to value add on glass railings and pool fencing.
With a range of application options available, it’s never been easier to specify EnduroShield. Glass can be pre-treated in factory or application can be done on-site. Here are some railing projects we are proud to have been included on include aquaview residential, temple apartment, Boathouse Hendrys Beach, and Montreal Biodome.

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