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EME wins bid for the modernization of Sodium Silicate Line of Africaver

The bid is in addition to the order for the batch plant with a capacity of 130 tons/day in 2014.

EME has been chosen to carry out the modernization of the sodium silicate line of the Algerian glass manufacturer, Société Africaine du Verre (Africaver).

Africaver belongs to the state-owned ENAVA Group and is based in Taher, W. Jijel, close to the international seaport Djen-Djen. Africaver is the leading manufacturer for flat glass production in Algeria and specialises in manufacturing patterned glass, solar and photovoltaic glass, safety glass in the automotive and architectural field and in the production of solid and liquid sodium silicate glass. EME supplies new cooling devices (steel plate conveyors), new big bag filling stations and an automatic feeding device for two autoclaves destined for the modernization the sodium silicate line.

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