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Emballage 2010: 39th international packaging trade show

The common theme of the 2010 edition of Emballage is Pack Smart! Smart Packaging, from the base material to the end product, at all stages of production.
The trend of sustainable development – with e…

The common theme of the 2010 edition of Emballage is Pack Smart! Smart Packaging, from the base material to the end product, at all stages of production. The trend of sustainable development – with eco-design at its centre, as well as research into new materials and recycling – will be at the centre of attention of packaging manufacturers who have arranged to meet to share and discover the latest reflections on innovations in packaging. With five months to go before the event, more than 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries (250 of whom are exhibiting for the first time) have already confirmed that they will be attending, in order to meet the 85,000 expected visitors. Despite the economic crisis, the world market for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, which was estimated to represent USD 578 billion in 2007 (EUR 422 billion), saw growth of 1.2% in 2008, while in 2009, it was estimated at USD 560 billion. This growth confirms that packaging is, more than ever, an indispensable tool. Moreover, the increase in European regulations, the rise in power of public opinion favouring simplification and reduction of packaging represent constraints, will further contribute to the development of more innovations. Emballage 2010, which will be held 22-25 November, will present, at the Paris Nord-Villepinte Exhibition Centre (France), a complete offer to professionals in the sector: from packing-, marking-, coding- or printing machines to the finished product. This year“s edition of the show will occupy three pavilions and has reserved dedicated areas for: o innovations, with almost 100 innovations, proposed by the exhibitors and selected by experts; o exchanges of ideas with specialists, with conferences in the Pack Vision area; o international talents from the world of packaging design, in the Pack Designers area, to highlight the marketing, technical and economic roles of Packaging Design: o environmental issues, in the Emballage in Green area, where exchanges of ideas and discussions will take place on a TV stage. A tour of the world of remarkable packaging will also be organized by students of Strate College Designers, Packagings Remarquables (Incredible Packaging). Fabrice Peltier, founder of the DesignPack Gallery, will present the exhibition Recycling Forever, or how to make used packaging a new source of energy and creation. Emballage will also be a source of information: o a European study currently being carried out in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and Sweden, in partnership with Ubifrance and the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing. Its results will be presented exclusively at Emballage 2010, within the framework of Pack Vision and will include an analysis of new guidelines on the packing and packaging of food products; o a mass-market survey on Europeans and their perception of packaging: Do the French sort their packaging more than the English? Do the Italians expect more re-usable packaging? What do the Germans think about the ergonomics of their packaging? o in September 2010, Emballage will launch a survey in Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and France to compare the attitudes and expectations of Europeans regarding packaging; o a survey on Packaging Design (or the role of design in the creation of packaging, from the industries“ point of view); o is design effective in the creation of packaging? What is the added value of a designer? How do industrialists choose their agencies? Do these industrialists have, in the current environment, plans for the design of new packaging?…

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