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Edgetech spacers pass the billion mark

In September 2015, Edgetech reported a new production record. One gigametre, in other words a billion metres, of the world’s best-selling flexible spacer, the Super Spacer®, has been produced since 1986. That’s enough to circle the Earth 25 times.

In the first 20 years following the start of production, the total output of Super Spacer® spacers was around 300 million metres, a value that the three Edgetech production facilities now achieve in just three years. To look at it another way, on average every five seconds another house somewhere in the world is fitted with Warm Edges from Edgetech. A major reason for this enormous growth is the steady rise in environmental awareness and cost consciousness, which is turning spacers into an essential component of windows in private residential buildings, as well as in commercial construction. “Energy efficiency is and remains the enduring driving force in the glass sector”, states Joachim Stoss, Managing Director of Edgetech Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the North American Quanex Group. “It has contributed to the attainment of this milestone, alongside our unsurpassed experience. The industry has been talking about “Warm Edge” for more than 35 years, and Super Spacer® has now been on the market for 26 years. We know what we are doing and where the technological is going.”
 At the recent Vitrum trade fair in Milan, the Edgetech team were not keen to give away any clues as to where the further developments currently in progress for the Super Spacer® range are headed; however, they gave a clear message to customers and interested visitors. Edgetech will maintain its role as market leader in the future and continue to significantly advance Warm Edge Technology. “From Alaska to Dubai, Edgetech customers expect the highest quality, long-life products and first-class advice”, explains Stoss, “We aim to continue providing them with the means to always stay one step ahead of their competitors.”

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