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At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE visitors can find Edgetech in Hall 7A, Stand 7-302.

Super Spacer® makes automation window production more efficient
“The fact that the window construction industry is under immense pressure is nothing new. That’s why efficiency is our Leitmotif for the Fensterbau,” said Joachim Stoss, Vice President International Sales at Edgetech Europe/Quanex Inc. When the manufacturer of the flexible, silicone-based spacer bar talks about efficiency, it is referring to several dimensions.

Potential for greater energy efficiency in production
There is, of course, the perennial issue of “energy-efficient production.” The Super Spacer® system essentially consists of a structural foam that does not have to be applied under high heat like thermoplastic spacer systems. No machines need to be preheated and kept running and therefore, there are no delays in handling to allow for cooling. Thanks to Super Spacer®’s direct application from the roll, there are also several steps avoided which rigid spacers have to go through in an upstream process before being joined on the line assembly.

Guarantee for more process efficiency
“We can also check the box when it comes to process-efficient production,” continued Joachim Stoss.

Minimal set-up time is required for changing the rolls, notes the experienced insulating glass expert, but in his opinion it is important to consider the entire process right through to dispatch.

The properties of Super Spacer® enable extremely precise, sharp-edged application, supporting the zero-defect target in production. Even when handling heavy and large panes errors are avoided, as the edge seal is immediately stable. Last but not least, the structural foam is compatible with all common sealants such as hot melt butyl, polyurethane, silicone and poly-sulphide.

Improved thermal insulation in buildings
As a pioneer in metal-free warm edge spacer systems with decades of experience, Super Spacer® is also dependable when it comes to the core tasks of an edge seal, such as aesthetics, durability, airtightness, absorption of wind loads and efficient thermal insulation. Super Spacer® can achieve a thermal transmittance Ψ of up to 0.029 W/mK, making it one of the most energy-efficient spacers on the market, and is also passive house-certified in the highest efficiency class phA+.

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