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eco pur CBD: 2-component mercury-free PU insulating glass sealant

eco pur CBD sealant has been developed for IGU production


eco in has developed eco pur CBD sealant, a two-component polyurethane system developed for IGU (insulating glass units), which does not flow out of joints.

eco pur CBD sealant from eco in is a two-component polyurethane system developed for IGU (insulating glass units) production thanks to the company’s more than 20 years’ experience and engagement in ecology and sustainable development.
Thanks to the thixotropy phenomenon, the sealant does not flow out of joints.
Excellent de-aeration during production enables constant and precise dosage of components by common extruders. eco pur CBD cures catalytically in a few hours’ time. eco pur CBD sealant does not contain organic mercury compounds.
The cured sealant achieves very good durability and adhesion to the aluminium, glass and galvanized steel surface. A special composition of eco pur CBD ensures very good prevention of IGU unit from the moisture penetration and gas diffusion through the sealant.
eco pur CBD is applied as secondary sealant for single or multi-chamber IGU production. Low viscosity of the sealant ensures the optimum working parameters for robots as well as machines for manual application of the sealant.
Surfaces for applying eco pur CBD must be cleaned, mechanical and organic pollution free. Primered aluminium enhanced adhesion strength of the eco pur CBD sealant. No less than 3mm sealant depth is advisable on spacers in standard double glass units. In triple glass units, mechanical load on the edge seal are much higher, therefore minimum 5mm sealant depth is recommended.
The optimum parameters of cured sealant are obtained when eco pur CBD components are mixed at the ratio of: volume ratio – A to B = 100:10 weight ratio – A to B = 100:6.3.


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