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Dibotics and AGC Automotive open new boundaries to integrate LiDAR sensors behind the windshield

Diabotics will be at the CES in Las Vegas 9-12 January to present the seamless integration of LiDAR inside the vehicle thanks to collaboration with AGC Automotive.

Thanks to Dibotics’ know-how in LiDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) data processing and an integrated special infrared transparent glass conceived by AGC Automotive the first LiDAR solution inside the vehicle has been developed. The innovation will be presented in the Dibotics booth and its LiDAR partners’, during CES at Las Vegas 9-12 January.
“We found the same innovation spirit in the AGC Automotive and Wideye teams and we’re delighted to have contributed to this major breakthrough for Autonomous Driving,” said Raul Bravo, CEO of Dibotics.
There are several reasons why seamless integration of LiDAR inside the vehicle is a major step for industry:
* The LiDAR sensor is fully protected inside the vehicle cabin and does not require extensive sealing
* The aperture of the LiDAR is kept clear in all conditions with windshield features (wipers, defrosting, …)
* LiDAR is fully effective in a high mounting position, for the best long-range vision
* The LiDAR data can be combined with other sensors around the car to offer the best redundancy of data
* Each sensor is totally hidden inside the vehicle, behind IR glass windshield and/or behind IR glass trims
As automotive glass manufacturer leader, AGC Automotive has created a dedicated entity, totally devoted to autonomous vehicles and LiDAR integration: Wideye.
“The ecosystem of autonomous vehicles deserves all our attention and a dedicated service to face new challenges” said Michel Meyers, Mobility Business Development Office Director – AGC Automotive Europe. “Automotive infrared transparent glass and LiDAR integration with Dibotics are a real breakthrough. This presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the first step of our commitment to autonomous vehicle revolution.”
As partners, AGC Automotive and Dibotics share the same vision of autonomous vehicles: both are device agnostic and can work with every type of LiDAR sensor. Both companies strongly believe that LiDAR will be the key enabler for Autonomous Vehicles, combined with other sensors to provide maximum safety to drivers. They are both also fully convinced that design will remain a main topic and a powerful trigger for autonomous vehicles adoption.
“As a pioneer in real-time processing of LiDAR data, hearing that something is not possible with LiDAR motivates us to push even further and open new possibilities. We found the same innovation spirit in the AGC Automotive and Wideye teams and we’re delighted to have contributed to this major breakthrough for Autonomous Driving”, said Raul Bravo, CEO of Dibotics. “We’re sure that LiDAR manufacturers, OEMs and Tiers1 will highly appreciate the potential of this innovation”.
Dibotics is a Paris-based company offering innovation in real-time LiDAR processing. Founded in 2015 by Raul Bravo and Olivier Garcia, two serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience of 15 years in LiDAR processing for mobile robotics applications, Dibotics has an original approach that differs from the traditional solutions. Its sensor-agnostic 3D SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and Augmented LiDAR™ created the first solution allowing advanced features like point-wise classification, objects detection and tracking and calibration-less Sensor Fusion to be performed only based on the sensor data itself. All of this performs without requiring any learning (deterministic) and can be embedded in a small and low-power integrated circuit (SLAM on Chip™).
The AGC Group, with Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. at its core, is a world-leading supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. AGC Automotive Europe specializes in production of windows (OEM and replacement) for vehicle manufacturers. It also provides ready-to-assemble systems (fixation devices), higher value added functional systems (antennas, sensors, heating elements) and enhanced property glazing (improved thermal, sound and vision comfort). Wideye is a dedicated entity of AGC, totally focused on autonomous vehicle ecosystem, thanks to three value axes: supply of exclusive infrared transparent glass for vision and non-vision glazing & LiDAR covers, tailor made design of parts for LiDAR integration, and LiDAR’s global integration with partners.

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