Current trends in the drinks market, explained by Verallia

Each year, Verallia, Europe’s leading supplier in the glass packaging sector, deciphers market trends in a move to provide optimum support to its customers. This year, the trends report comes in the form of a comprehensive study into the wine and spirits market.

Verallia and the agency Carlin Creative worked together to produce an overview of the market cross-referenced with consumer trends. The result is four key drivers: important long-term trends in the wine and spirits market, each addressing precise consumer expectations that are set to last:

  • Key driver #1: back to the roots
    Respecting nature and the local ecosystem is now vital. Consumers want brands that
    work on their impact, that prioritise local ties and resources, and that adopt a new
    outlook on the transmission of traditions.
  • Key driver #2: instant pleasures
    Consumers expect a light touch and pleasure, with an affinity for sophisticated
    products that are ready to drink, creative aesthetics, and a promise of entertainment.
  • Key driver #3: best of the best
    Consumers want the best. Expectations are turning to alcohol-free alternatives, quality
    ingredients, and exclusive ranges, in both the premium and ultra premium sectors.
  • Key driver #4: disruptives
    The climate crisis and the development of artificial intelligence are forcing the market
    to diversify and explore new options.

Elena Andia, Selective Line Marketing Director at Verallia, said, “The first thing we looked at was the impact of inflation on demand. Growth is slowing, but rather surprisingly we are seeing an increase in demand for premium and ultra premium goods. We are also seeing demand for light, entertaining products: pure pleasure. At the same time, there is a growing demand for lower alcohol content and continued concern for preserving nature. Finally, we can see that artificial intelligence and the climate crisis are pushing brands to innovate in quite a disruptive manner.”

Click the link to download the report “Ultra premium, creativity, local resources, health: current trends in the drinks market, explained by Verallia”.


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